Smooth Edge Deburring Tool (SEDT)

Cogsdill Tool Products has specialized in their One-Pass Solution of deburring holes via their:

  • Burroff Tool
  • Burraway Tool
  • MicroLimit Tool, ElliptiBurr
  • No-BurTool
  • And the just introduced SEDT

This newly introduced tool is advantageous for break in and out of bores or tubular parts with radiuses. It will deburr ODs or IDs with entrances and/or exits up to 15 degree angles.

Other features include size range from 5/32” – 1/2” ( in 1/64” increments )  and 4.0 mm – 12.5 mm ( in .5mm increments ).

The replaceable carbide blades are TiN coated and the tension or “cutting load” is adjustable while the tool is in a holder or on your machine. The blade is easily replaced without the need of special tools.

SEDT Threaded Application


SEDT Back Radius Application

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